Akatlı Kürşat ÖZŞAHİN Prof. M.D



May 1976                Adana Ziyapasa Primary School

May 1983                Tarsus American College                           

May 1990                Gazi University Medical Faculty                           

May 2000                Numune Hospital Dep. Of Family Medicine


WORK EXPERIENCE                                                                                                                     

July 2000                 Diyadin District 1- Head of Health Affairs and Planning- Ağrı / Diyadin

August 2000            Baskent University Adana Hospital



 Turkish (Native)
 English (Fluent) 

Akatlı Kürşat Özşahin was born in 1965. He graduated from Gazi university Faculty of Medicine in 1995. After graduation he participated Family Practice Residency in the province of Adana at Numune Hospital. Following the completion of Family Practice assistantship he was appointed as a Family Medicine Specialist in Eastern Turkey. After completing his military service in 2000 July he participated Baskent University Adana Hospital. Since then he has been working there. He has a daughter (18y) and a son 13(y)