Kenan Caliskan, MD

Professor of General surgery and Surgery Division of Organ Transplantation Baskent University Faculty of Medicine, Adana Practice and Research Center Hospital, 01250 Yüregir Adana/ Turkey

Yükselis Collage High School
Ankara /Turkey


University of Akdeniz Medical School
Doctor of Medicine,



Ministry of  Health  Ankara hospital


Resident Physician in General Surgery


Baskent University Faculty of Medicine Ankara
Fellow in Organ Transplantation (Liver, Kidney,)



Kidney transplant physician                                                                           2010– present
Liver Transplant Pyhsician                                                                              2014– present

                Assistant Professor of Surgery                                                                     2007-2012

Baskent University Faculty of Medicine,
 Adana Practice and Research Center Hospital

Associate Professor of Surgery                                                                    2012-2016

Baskent University Faculty of Medicine,
 Adana Practice and Research Center Hospital

Professor of Surgery                                                                                    2016-present

Baskent University Faculty of Medicine,
 Adana Practice and Research Center Hospital


Staff Surgeon                                                                                                2002 - present

Baskent University Faculty of Medicine,
 Adana Practice and Research Center Hospital

Transplant Surgeon                                                                                      2010 - present

Department of Surgery, Transplant and General Surgery
Baskent University Faculty of Medicine,
 Adana Practice and Research Center Hospital

MEMBERSHIPS(Medical Society)

  1. Turkish Society of Surgery
  2. The Transplantation Society
  3. Middle East Society of Organ Transplantation
  4. Turkic World Transplantation Society
  5. American Collage of Surgeons


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