Department : Hematology

Institue: Baskent University Adana dult BMT Center ,  EBMT CIC Number: 589 , JACIE Acrediated: T-001-2012.

Qualifications with date:

Medical Doctor-Cukurova University Medical School, Adana, Turkey: 1983

 Internist- Cukurova University Medical School, Adana, Turkey; 1990

Assistant Professor, Gaziantep University Medical School, Gaziantep, Turkey;1992

Associate Professor in Internal Medicine, Higher Education Institution, Turkey-1992

Hematologist, Baskent University Medical School,  Ankara, Turkey; 2007

Professor,  Baskent University Medical School,  Ankara, Turkey; 2010

Previous Post:         

2009-2011         Clinical Medical Director and Quality Manager, Baskent University Adana Adult BMT Unit, Adana, Turkey

2007-2008        Consultant Physician Baskent University, Baskent University Adana Adult BMT Unit, Adana, TurkeY

2007-2009        Hematologist Mersin State Hospital (Goverment Duty), Mersin, Turkey

2004-2007        Attending Physician, Baskent University Adana Adult BMT Unit, Adana,

 2007 -              Professor of Hematology/Internal Medicine Department, Baskent University, Faculty of Medicine, Adana Teaching and Medical Research Center, Adana, Turkey. In the field of hematology, assigned as researcher and clinician on bone marrow derived stem cell transplantation and cellular therapy.

1996-2002         Team Leader Seyhan Hospital Internal Medicine Department, Adana, Turkey

2003-2204         Associate Professor in Hematology, Baskent University Adana Hospital,

1992-1995         Director, Department of Internal Medicine , Gaziantep University Medical School, Gaziantep, Turkey

1985-1990         Lecturer, Department of Internal Medicine , Gaziantep University Medical School, Gaziantep, Turkey

1985-1990         Fellowship in Internal Medicine, Çukurova Un. Medical School, Adana, Turkey

1983-1985         Physician Obligatory State Duty Ministry of Health Ihlara, Primary Health Center, Aksaray, Turkey

Summary of Current Position: Medical Director of Baskent University Adana BMT Center  2009-

Summary of Training and Experience in BMT

After completing visit to Professor Slavin's clinic in Hadassah Medical Centre; Israel on march 2004, SCT activity for adult patients began at Baskent University, Adana Hospital, Bone Marrow Unit, Adana, TURKEY. First, this activity started with autologous transplantation in 2004 and then continued together with allogeneic after 2004 without interruption from 2004 to 2015. Total SCT up to now: 520 (300 auto and 220 allo transplant   ( including Unrelated and Haploidentic BMT))  have been carried out  in the centre with my active participation. I have attended the annual EBMT Meeting, EBMT Subcomitte Meetings, and National Meetings on bone marrow transplantation and stem cell therapies, regularly.

Selected Publications

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